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Congress: 13 hours to go

According to The Hill: "The Senate adjourned late Tuesday night after a chaotic seven hours of debate on a landmark healthcare reform reconciliation bill, with Democratic leaders inching towards a final vote by the end of the week. The chamber adjourned about 10:30 p.m., with plans to reconvene at 9 a.m. Wednesday. In all, the Senate burned up more than seven-and-a-half hours of the 20 mandatory hours of debate required by the reconciliation process."

More: Mary Landrieu went after McCain for an amendment that included the words "sweetheart deal." "It is beneath the senator from Arizona, who at one time was a candidate for president of this country," Landrieu said. "Normally the only time I see the word 'sweetheart' is when my husband sends me a dozen roses on Valentine's Day… To actually draft an amendment like this that uses the words 'sweetheart deal' is really an insult to the people of our country, and I would expect more from him." And remember the "boost in Medicaid funds for Louisiana" she sought, she said, was "at the request of Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal (La.)."

Tom Coburn of Oklahoma submitted nine of the 13 amendments, including one banning erectile dysfunction drugs, like Viagra, for sex offenders. The New York Times: "As a result, some amendments will be constructed in an artful way in hopes of making them politically difficult for senators to oppose."

Here are Coburn's amendments from his Web site.

"Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.), the co-chairwoman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said she plans to unveil legislation to add the government-run option to the national healthcare exchange established by legislation President Barack Obama is to sign tomorrow. 'We will introduce a robust public option bill on the very day the president signs the reconciliation bill into law,' Woolsey said Monday during an interview on MSNBC."

And: "Senate Democrats plan another short-term extension of unemployment aid this week, setting up a showdown with Republicans demanding it be paid for," The Hill reports.