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Backlash against state AGs

From NBC's Mark Murray
Yesterday, more than a dozen state attorneys general across the country -- almost all of them Republicans and quite a few of them running for governor this year -- announced that they were challenging the constitutionality of the new health-care law.

And some of them are now getting backlash for wading into what seems to be a very political story: trying to overturn a law that was passed by Congress and signed into law.

Here's the Palm Beach Post's editorial on Florida AG Bill McCollum, who's running for governor: "Having lost in the Capitol, after refusing to play, Republicans who claim to hate judicial activism want the judicial branch to overrule the legislative and executive branches."

Here's the Detroit Free Press on Michigan AG Mike Cox, running for governor: "As a candidate for his party's gubernatorial nomination, Cox has every right to pander to the Tea Party adherents many believe will play a decisive role in August's Republican primary. As Michigan's top law enforcement officer, he should know better than to pursue his specious claim that Congress has exceeded its constitutional authority."

And here's a front-page Washington Post piece on Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli: "The move was classic Cuccinelli -- bold, defiant and in-your-face, an effort to use any means at his disposal to stop what he sees as a federal government gone wild. That approach has transformed him in just a few months from being a fairly obscure state senator into a national conservative folk hero -- a tea partier with conviction and, more importantly, power."