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The midterms: Bayh's $1m buy

FLORIDA: Republican Gov. Charlie Crist released a statement yesterday saying he "fully support[s] Attorney General Bill McCollum's efforts to challenge the Constitutionality of a provision in the bill that mandates all Americans to purchase health insurance or face a fine," the Palm Beach Post reports. 

INDIANA: "Retiring Sen. Evan Bayh has donated $1 million to help elect Rep. Brad Ellsworth, who is running to succeed him." 

KENTUCKY: "A grassroots driven Money Bomb for leading Kentucky senate candidate Rand Paul raised well over $100,000 in its first few hours" yesterday, Business Wire reports.

PENNSYLVANIA: "On the day that President Barack Obama signed health care reform legislation, Attorney General Tom Corbett, a Republican candidate for governor, was slammed by Democrats for his decision to join a lawsuit that calls the bill unconstitutional," the Patriot-News reports. Rep. Joe Sestak said that the decision, "once again places politics over principle." 

SOUTH CAROLINA: "Six of the seven S.C. candidates for governor took on higher education funding, scholarships and the role of state research universities in economic development at a Winthrop University debate Tuesday night," The State newspaper reports. "Rep. Gresham Barrett, another Republican, was in Washington D.C. voting on legislation and missed the debate."

UTAH: "Political veterans, wannabes and newcomers from both sides of the political divide gathered around the state Tuesday evening to take the first steps of the 2010 election season," the Deseret News reports. "Party faithful convened at caucus meetings to elect voting delegates for upcoming county and state conventions -- the gatherings during which office hopefuls are narrowed and ballots determined."

"Democratic and Republican leaders had predicted record turnouts for the meetings, prognostications that seemed to hold up, though the atmosphere of the meetings varied widely."