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Obama agenda: 'For the history books'

The AP's Sidoti: "The initial blush of President Barack Obama's health care triumph immediately gives way to a sober political reality -- he must sell the landmark legislation to an angry and unpredictable electorate, still reeling from the recession." Democrats are unlikely to see a short-term political gain from health care, but rather, "Obama's political boost may come later. 'There's a bump for the history books,' said Fred Greenstein, a Princeton University presidential scholar. 'When historians ask if this is a kind of squandered presidency, there will be health care to point to.'"

The Comeback Kid? The Boston Globe says, "President Obama scored a stunning political and legislative victory on health care last night that not only will earn him a place in history books, but promises to establish him as a stronger leader of the Democratic Party after a tumultuous first year… But once the unexpected election of GOP Senator Scott Brown in January's Massachusetts special election left Democrats dispirited and groping for a new strategy, Obama rallied. The president displayed fresh political acumen that brought momentum back to the Democrats and resurrected their centerpiece domestic issue, lawmakers and political specialists said, helping the House pass a broad overhaul measure last night. Just two months ago his administration appeared to be struggling. Now, in the face of intense adversity, he is about to achieve a goal that has eluded presidents for decades."

The New York Times' Sanger: "Whether it was a historic achievement or political suicide for his party -- perhaps both -- he succeeded where President Bill Clinton failed in trying to remake American health care. President George W. Bush also failed to enact a landmark change in a domestic program, his second-term effort to create private accounts in the Social Security system." 

The New York Daily News' cover is simply: "Historic!" The paper's story: "It's not just change to believe in -- it's change that's real after the U.S. House of Representatives voted Sunday night for a sweeping overhaul of American health care. Making the nation's medical system work better and cover Americans was the signature issue of President Obama's campaign. In his second year, he has won a historic reform that some rank with such milestone achievements as civil rights acts and the creation of Social Security."