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The midterms: Meg-a-Tar

CALIFORNIA: An independent expenditure group, made up of labor unions and Democratic consultants, has created a new ad attacking Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, the New York Times reports. The spot features "a technically impressive avatar of the candidate [Meg-a-Tar], talking trash about herself." 

And Whitman's primary opponent Steve Poizner "is promising to end taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal immigrants in a TV commercial that blames liberals for 'doing too much for too many,' the San Jose Mercury News reports.

KENTUCKY: Attorney General and Senate candidate Jack Conway released a new ad on Friday focusing on his work combating cyber crime.  
NEVADA: The Las Vegas Review-Journal writes that Tea Party Senate contender Jon Ashjian may face a lawsuit challenging his candidacy on the basis that he was a registered Republican when he filed to run as a Tea Party candidate.