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Stupak to vote for health bill

From NBC's Mark Murray
Breaking News: Sources are telling NBC News that Rep. Bart Stupak WILL VOTE for the health-care bill.

*** UPDATE *** The AP adds: "A Democratic chairman says a leading abortion foe will back President Barack Obama's health care bill. But the office of Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak says no decision has been made. Rep. Henry Waxman says party leaders have been able to secure the support of Stupak. Waxman says they were able to win the promise of a "yes" vote on the health care bill by having Obama issue an executive order that reaffirms existing law barring federal dollars for abortions."

More: "Stupak had favored stronger language in the legislation restricting taxpayer money for abortion. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. said lawmakers who favor abortion rights shouldn't have a problem with the executive order."