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Hoyer, Boehner on the race to 216

From NBC's Mark Murray and Rebecca Samuels
On "Meet the Press" today, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer suggested that House Democrats might not have the 216 votes to pass health care right now, but they will have them when the roll call takes place.

REP. HOYER: We're going to get those 216 votes because we believe that they understand that Americans want health care reform by an overwhelming majority.
MR. GREGORY: Do you have them as we sit here?
REP. HOYER: I think we're going to have 216 when the role is called, yes.
MR. GREGORY: But not yet? You're not nailed down, a few behind?
REP. HOYER: There are still members looking at it, trying to make up their minds, we think 216 plus votes when we call the roll.

And here was House Minority Leader John Boehner on whether Democrats have the votes:

MR. GREGORY:  Leader Boehner, are they going to have the votes?
REP. BOEHNER:  It's clear from Steny they don't have the votes yet… we're about to make this historic change on a purely partisan vote, and I think of the American people stay engaged in this fight for the next few hours that this fight is not lost yet.