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Dems drop 'deem and pass'

From NBC's Luke Russert
NBC News can confirm that Democrats will opt for a straight up or down vote on the Senate health-care bill tomorrow and not use the controversial "deem and pass" option that had been on the table.

According to a Democratic member, the Senate Parliamentarian, alerted the Democratic Leadership this afternoon that they COULD in fact pass a fix it bill BEFORE the Senate bill. Prior to today the idea was that that would not be allowed. For this reason, the Leadership opted out of using "deem and pass."

A Democratic aide tells us that the House tomorrow will vote first one the rule for debate, then on the fixes to the Senate bill and then on the Senate bill itself.

Chris Van Hollen suggested that this was in response to the heavy criticism brought on by the GOP, "there was no reason to allow the misinformation campaign to continue. Despite the fact that Republicans used it, we wanted to make the process absolutely clear."

As the president walked into a meeting of the House Democratic caucus. He said, "We are going to get this done".

Majority Leader Harry Reid told the Democratic Caucus, "I have the commitment of a significant majority of U.S. Senate to make this good law even better."