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Boyd becomes 5th no-to-yes vote

From NBC's Kelly O'Donnell
Conservative Florida Democratic Congressman Allen Boyd has become the fifth Dem no-to-yes vote.

Said Boyd:

"Throughout this entire debate, I have consistently said that responsible healthcare reform will embody four key principles: it will reduce costs, increase access, ensure patient choice, and not add to the federal deficit. This bill is not perfect, but I believe it meets these four principles of responsible reform by providing the largest middle class tax credits for healthcare in our nation's history and preserving a patient's ability to choose their own doctor."
"This package of reforms will effectively curb the skyrocketing cost of healthcare services, helping to lower monthly insurance premiums and doctor bills for millions of North Floridians. It will level the playing field between patients and insurance companies, providing all of us with added peace of mind by guaranteeing that insurance companies cannot suddenly drop your coverage or deny you coverage based on any type of pre-existing condition. It ensures that you and your doctor are the only people making decisions about your healthcare. And it will successfully reduce the deficit more than any other policy enacted since 1993, helping cut more than $1.2 trillion dollars from the deficit over the next 20 years. Taken together, these reforms will improve the overall health of our economy and the American people."

Meanwhile, another previous no vote -- Jason Altmire -- reportedly will remain in the no column.