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New York labor groups target Arcuri

From NBC's Mark Murray
While Ohio Rep. John Boccieri (D) today became the fourth House Democrat to switch from no to yes, Hotline yesterday reported on one House Dem who plans to switch from yes to no: New York Rep. Michael Arcuri (D).

Greg Sargent and Politico's Ben Smith note that New York labor groups are planning to recruit a primary challenger to face off against Arcuri.

Ben Smith:

New York's Working Families Party, which has outsized influence in state politics and its own ballot line, is actively recruiting a candidate to run against Upstate Rep. Mike Arcuri, who says he'll vote against health care legislation.

"If Rep. Arcuri sides with the insurance companies against the middle-class and working-class voters of his district, they'll go elsewhere, and we are in active conversation with several people who we think would make excellent third-line challengers in this race," WFP executive director Dan Cantor told me.

Greg Sargent:

It appears SEIU is dead serious about this business about yanking support for House Dems who vote No on the health bill.

The SEIU bluntly informed Dem Rep Michael Arcuri of New York yesterday that it's pulling support for him in the wake of the news that he's an all-but-certain No, I'm told. And the search for a primary or third-party challenger is underway.

Jerry Dennis, the president of SEIU local 200, which represents 14,000 workers statewide in New York, called Arcuri yesterday and delivered the news, SEIU spokesman Matt Nerzig tells me.