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Boccieri to vote yes

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro, Mark Murray, Kelly O'Donnell, and Shawna Thomas
Ohio Congressman John Boccieri announced he will switch his vote to yes on health care.

"If in this job I can save one life one family one person," he said, "this job is worth it."

Boccieri becomes the fourth no-to-yes vote, as Democrats try to corral enough votes to pass health legislation this weekend. The others: Dennis Kucinich (OH), Betsy Markey (CO), and Bart Gordon (TN)

"A lot of people are telling me this decision could cost me my job," Boccieri said. "I want my mom to know I'm standing up today, and I'm doing what I believe in."

Interestingly, Boccieri gave remarks and introduced constituents to tell their health care stories and did not explicitly declare his vote until he was asked a question about it. He had given a speech that signaled his position but needed prodding to say it aloud.

"Yes," he said, "I will be voting yes for the bill."

Boccieri is a freshman from a conservative-leaning district. He has been under intense pressure to oppose the bill. One sign of the pressure, the congressman says a plane has flown above his district trailing a sign urging him to vote no.