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Rand Paul, wrong shade of blue?

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
March Madness is underway. Two storied programs -- with no love lost for each other -- Kentucky and Duke have No. 1 seeds.

But in a new ad Trey Grayson is raising allegiance to the home-state Wildcats a campaign issue in his Republican primary against Rand Paul. Paul, the son of Rep. Ron Paul, got his medical degree from Duke. And Grayson dug up a clip of Paul, saying, "I'm Rand Paul, and I'm a Duke Blue Devil."

Grayson wryly follows with, "I'm proud to say I'm a University of Kentucky Wildcat."

Here's Paul's statement: "I guess that might be a real issue if you're running for student council. It's especially funny watching my Harvard-educated opponent complain about where I went to medical school."

Where's the clip from? Per a Louisville blog: "[A]n address made to the UK Students of Liberty in April 2009, and is one of over 200 videos uploaded by a Paul supporter (the clip starts around 2:05). Later in the address, Paul jokes that he was trying hard to cover his Duke t-shirt under his suit."

That blog, by the way, gives some history of the disdain:

"For anyone who doesn't know the history, the animosity UK fans feel for Duke can be traced back to pretty much one game—when Duke's Christian Laettner, after earlier receiving a technical foul for stomping on the chest of UK's Aminu Timberlake, hit a game-winning shot to beat the Wildcats in the 1992 Elite Eight. So Paul being a Duke fan would obviously raise a few eyebrows in the Commonwealth."

Here's that painful shot for Wildcat faithful:

And here's that classy Laettner stomp: