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Pelosi: 'I feel good where we are'

From NBC's Betsy Cline and Shawna Thomas
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters today that a compromise is not far off on resolving the differences between the Senate and House health care bills. "We're pretty close actually," she said. "It's being resolved because we need to find the solution and because we have no more time to think about it. Decision time is here, and that's it."

She suggested there may be additional legislation needed to get the full reform she wants. "There's some things that we anticipate might be complementary to it, which might not fit into a reconciliation bill, but I feel pretty good about where we are."

According to Pelosi, Democrats are now just waiting on scoring from the Congressional Budget Office. She also said they would meet tonight with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel to assess their progress.

In a photo-op following a meeting with public hospital leaders, Pelosi also fielded questions about earmarks, the day's topic du jour. She said she promised this kind of reform when she became Speaker in 2007 and was proud of the Rep. Obey's announcement today that it will not approve for-profit earmarks.