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GOP watch: The Romney contradiction

In his National Journal column, Ron Brownstein notes the contradiction of Romney portraying himself as a "Fix-It" man -- but also giving that combative CPAC speech and launching a broadside at Democrats at the end of his new book. "[T]hese messages vary enough to suggest that Romney still hasn't entirely decided whether to take the pragmatist or crusader path if he runs in 2012."

Brownstein concludes, "He seems determined to simultaneously convey that he is reasonable and angry. Reasonable suits Romney better, and yet now, as in 2008, he appears uncertain that he can capture the GOP's heart while wearing the clothes that fit him best."

Palin's reality show? "No one ever doubted that Sarah Palin was a survivor, but she's taking that a step further by pitching a reality show with 'Survivor' producer Mark Burnett," the New York Daily News reports. "Palin and the master of reality television have been shopping a docudrama about Alaska to all the major broadcasters, multiple sources told EntertainmentWeekly.com. She and Burnett have taken meetings at ABC and CBS, with plans to stop by NBC. They also confabbed with reality chief Mike Darnell at Fox, where the Palin family seized the opportunity to visit 'American Idol,' though the former vice-presidential candidate stayed in the green room."