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Pelosi: Dems not in crisis

From NBC's Betsy Cline
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said today the American people ought to know more about what she called "total obstruction" by the Republican Party in the Senate. Referring to Sen. Jim Bunning's hold-up of unemployment benefits earlier this week, Pelosi said, "It's not about rules, it's about a decision they've made to obstruct."

"The idea you need 100 percent in order to proceed is something the American people should know more about," she said.

In her weekly briefing on Capitol Hill, Pelosi seemed encouraged about passing health reform: "Our members are very excited about what comes next," but she cautioned, "Every legislative vote is a heavy lift around here, assume nothing."

Pelosi was also asked if the Democratic Party was in crisis, to which she responded, "I feel strong. We were very effective in passing the Obama agenda in 2009," but she said, "When you're effective, you're a target.