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Massa won't run for re-election

From NBC's Luke Russert and Domenico Montanaro
An aide to the Democratic Leadership confirms New York Rep. Eric Massa is not running for re-election.

There is no confirmation as to the reasoning at this point. Massa is expected to hold a 3:30 pm ET conference call to make the announcement.

Massa, a freshman, represents an Upstate New York district. Massa won the longtime GOP-held seat in 2008 by a 51%-49% margin over former Rep. Randy Kuhl. McCain won the district 51%-48% in 2008; Bush won it 56%-42% in 2004.

Massa's retirement gives Republicans yet another House target. He is 16th Democrat not running for re-election to their House seat this cycle. While more Republicans -- 20 -- won't be running for re-election, more of those Democratic seats are in competitive districts.

*** UPDATE *** NBC's Shawna Thomas reports that Massa spoke to camera this afternoon on why he wasn't running for re-election. He cited a reoccurrence of cancer. He read from a statement and said that last December, he went through another cancer scare. He said he had told his family but not his staff.

On the allegations that he is not running because of sexual harassment of a male staffer, he said, "Do I use salty language? Yes."

On a conference call earlier, he said, per Hotline, "Do I, or have I ever used salty language when I am angry, especially in the privacy of my inner office or even at home? Yes I have and I have apologized to those who where it's appropriate. But those kinds of articles, unsubstantiated without fact or backing, are a symptom of what's wrong with this city."

*** UPDATE 2 *** Here's Massa's statement that he read to camera:

"This last December I underwent my third major cancer recurrence scare.  I kept this private only to members of my immediate family. I did not tell my Staff. It was a every intense and personal experience especially in light of having gone through this before. I am a direct, salty guy who runs at 100 miles per hour and my doctors have now clearly told me that I can no longer do that. It is only fair and right that I announce that I will not run again in time for others to consider a run for this office. I will now enter a final phase of my life at a more controlled pace and remained fully committed to helped the families of the 29th District.

"There are blogs that are saying that I am leaving because of charges of harassing my staff. Do I and have I used salty language? Yes, and I have tried to do better. But these blogs are a symptom of the problem in this city and I no longer have the life's energy to fight every battle. I make this decision based on being a cancer survivor who following the advice of my doctors in Washington and in New York, cannot and will not prevent others from serice in the contgress that I hold in such great esteem."