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Obama agenda: Beauty school dropout..

"President Barack Obama will announce Monday a national effort to reduce the high school dropout rate and better prepare students for successful college careers," The Hill writes. "The administration has committed $3.5 billion to fund changes in persistently low-performing schools around the country, with priority given to high schools with graduation rates below 60 percent."

"As President Obama begins making final decisions on a broad new nuclear strategy for the United States, senior aides say he will permanently reduce America's arsenal by thousands of weapons. But the administration has rejected proposals that the United States declare it would never be the first to use nuclear weapons," the New York Times says. "Mr. Obama's new strategy — which would annul or reverse several initiatives by the Bush administration — will be contained in a nearly completed document called the Nuclear Posture Review, which all presidents undertake. Aides said Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates will present Mr. Obama with several options on Monday to address unresolved issues in that document, which have been hotly debated within the administration."

"The White House appointed a Washington insider on Saturday to replace Desirée Rogers, President Obama's social secretary who has announced that she will be leaving the post soon," Reuters writes. "The new social secretary, Julianna Smoot, was finance director of Mr. Obama's presidential campaign and has worked for four senators. She is currently chief of staff to Ron Kirk, the United States trade representative."

Was his doctor's evaluation a sign that Obama is still smoking or at least struggling to quit?

The New York Times: "President Obama 'is in excellent health' and likely to remain able to carry out his duties for the rest of his term, his doctor said Sunday after completing Mr. Obama's first routine medical checkup since he took office. But Mr. Obama, 48, continues to struggle to stop his 30-year smoking habit and needs to modify his diet, said Dr. Jeffrey Kuhlman, a Navy captain who led the medical team that performed Mr. Obama's physical."