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Congress: Reid vs. McCain

"In what Democrats hope is the first in a series of legislative victories, the Senate on Wednesday easily approved a $15 billion plan to spur job creation, a vote that lawmakers hoped would show that they were taking steps to improve the nation's employment outlook," the New York Times says.

The Hill looks at the severed relationship between Majority Leader Reid and John McCain, and it all hinges on the 2008 election. "In 2004, McCain and Reid — who are both avid boxing fans — attended a championship fight together in Nevada," The Hill writes. "The 2008 election changed much between the two men. During the election year, Reid said he 'couldn't stand' McCain and labeled his campaign tactics 'scummy. He later acknowledged he had 'said things I wish I hadn't said.'" McCain told The Hill: "It's very confusing because he was very personal in his attacks on me during the [2008 presidential] campaign, and then occasionally he'll stand up on the floor of the Senate and say, 'Oh, this good guy McCain.' I don't understand this. I don't understand it."

Some would argue they don't understand McCain's changed legislative record, either. And Reid has publicly echoed that: "In a January New York Times article, Reid was quoted saying McCain has failed to live up to his potential as a 'statesman' since the election. Earlier this month, Reid said, 'John has no reason to be the way he is. He's become very, very kind of opposed to everything.'"