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Congress: Jobs bill clears hurdle

The Washington Post writes, "Aided by a handful of Republicans, Senate Democratic leaders on Monday kept alive a $15 billion job-creation measure and are poised to pass the measure later this week."

The New York Times: "The 62-to-30 vote — two more yeses than the minimum required to get past a procedural roadblock — cleared the way for the Senate to vote Wednesday to approve the measure, which Democrats said would create tens of thousands of new jobs at a time when the unemployment rate is hovering near double digits and is expected to remain high for years to come. But it is not clear whether the House, which has backed a broader approach, will go along without making substantial changes."

Despite proclaiming he wouldn't be Olympia Snowe, Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown voted like her on yesterday's cloture vote.
"Senator Scott Brown came into office as someone who could deliver the pivotal vote for the GOP to halt Democratic initiatives. But yesterday, Brown delivered for the Democrats, helping them advance a jobs bill President Obama and his party seek," the Boston Globe notes of Brown's vote for cloture yesterday. It adds: "The support by Brown and other GOP lawmakers could represent a critical psychological break for the Senate, which has been mired in bitter partisan fights over everything from the massive health care package to uncontroversial presidential nominations."

In a new effort called "Highway Hypocrites," the Democratic National Committee is ramping up its efforts to call out Republicans -- members of Congress and governors -- who Democrats say "want the money, want the credit, but want to play politics" with the stimulus.