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Pelosi 'pleased' with Obama health plan

From NBC's Betsy Cline
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said today House Democrats are "pleased" with the president's health-care proposal posted online yesterday. Though it's not exactly like the House bill, Pelosi said the president's call for state fairness, how its paid for, and closing the doughnut hole are initiatives her caucus can support.

"We didn't get everything we asked for," she told reporters, "but everything in it is what we asked for."

With the president's upcoming health-care summit on Thursday, Pelosi cautioned Democrats are moving forward one day at a time.

"We have seen the 11 pages the president has given us," but, she added, "it's not legislative language. It's getting good reception in our caucus, but we have more work to do to have everyone on board."

In a news conference on legislation to end the health insurance industry's anti-trust exemption, Pelosi said she expected high bipartisan support, but challenged Republicans to step up.

"We want to see where they are on this," Pelosi said. "It's one thing to talk about it; it's another to say to these insurance companies, 'We must have these reforms.'"

A vote on the anti-trust legislation is expected in the House tomorrow.