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State Dept. on Afghan civilian deaths

From NBC's Courtney Kube
State Department spokesperson P.J. Crowley said that everything is being done to minimize the potential loss of civilian lives in Afghanistan.

Asked about the most recent incident that killed more than two dozen civilians, Crowley said that, "I think it's a reflection, first of all, of our refined strategy, that we are placing significant emphasis on reducing, you know, the impact of these operations on the Afghan population, which is not to say that we're not going to make mistakes."

Crowley went on to say, "In conflict, mistakes are made, or there are unfortunate, you know -- you know, impacts that could not have been anticipated."

He added, "Everything is being done to minimize the potential loss of life as we continue to, to take back, you know, control of Helmand province and turn it over to -- to Afghan sovereignty."

And: "There is, you know, ongoing loss of life in Afghanistan, and much of that loss of life is the responsibility of the Taliban. I have yet to hear them apologize."