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Bolton hits Obama on foreign policy

From NBC's Katherine Andrew and Charlie Specht
If the earlier speeches by Dick Armey, Liz Cheney, and John Boehner weren't enough to convince CPAC attendees that President Obama has the United States on a fast, steep decline, former Bush administration U.N. ambassador John Bolton erased any doubts.

Bolton awakened the conservative audience out of its morning haze by delving into the criticism of Obama's foreign policy initiatives with his very first sentence.

"On January, 20, 2009, Barack Obama was not qualified to be the president of the United States," Bolton stated. "Today, 13 months later, he's still not ready to be president."

Bolton stated that that Obama "doesn't really care about foreign policy." He described the president's philosophy and foreign policy as a type of in multilateralism -- akin to Woodrow Wilson's -- and declared Obama the "first post-American president," because he said he is beyond patriotism and doesn't believe in "the exceptionalism of America."

"Reagan was all about America," Bolton said about the conservative icon, who has inspired life-size cardboard cutouts and the most popular post-CPAC party of the past few years. "Obama is, 'We're all above that now.' Obama's sort of standing above the country, above the world."

Bolton then sparked loud cheers when he asked, "Are you people in this room patriots?"

Bolton focused much of his criticism on Obama's policy of diplomacy toward Iran, which he dubbed a continuation of the "failed Bush administration policy believing we could negotiate Iran out of its nuclear weapon." 

"Negotiation is not a policy, it's a technique," Bolton warned. "If you don't have any substance in policy, obviously it's not going to succeed."

He echoed former Vice President Dick Cheney's comments from Thursday, when he stated Obama "has three years left. I say that very confidently."

After stating his opposition to recently proposed arms control with Russia and warning against "global governance" ("As Americans we can make our own laws," he said to cheers), Bolton sent a direct message to the Obama administration.

"We will not let you reduce American sovereignty," he said. "We will not let you make America vulnerable, and we will prevail over all enemies foreign and domestic."

Maria Heil, an attendee from New Freedom, Pa., felt the speech was "right on." 

"Obama is not pro-American, he's pro-world," she said. "We should be the shining star. He shouldn't take us down to the level of everyone else."

Heil, a member of the Second Amendment Sisters group, said she felt Obama has only feigned bipartisanship.

"He needs to actually listen to consensus instead of saying, 'I'm open to this idea and that.' He says that, but then he doesn't."