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GOP watch: Palin on Tea Party convo

Sarah Palin speaks tomorrow at the Tea Party Nation Convention in Nashville. Here was part of her Wednesday op-ed in USA Today about why she's speaking, despite some of the controversy surrounding it: "As with all grassroots efforts, the nature of this movement means that sometimes the debates are loud and the organization is messier than that of a polished, controlled machine. Legitimate disagreements take place about tone and tactics. That's OK, because this movement is about bigger things than politics or organizers."

Congresswomen Michele Bachmann and Marsha Blackburn pulled out of the convention, and apparently Palin considered it. "I thought long and hard about my participation in this weekend's event. At the end of the day, my decision came down to this: It's important to keep faith with people who put a little bit of their faith in you. Everyone attending this event is a soldier in the cause. Some of them will be driving hundreds of miles to Nashville. I made a commitment to them to be there, and I am going to honor it."

And: "The nature of the Tea Party movement means there may never be a 'perfectly orchestrated' event: Democracy in action doesn't come with a manual. But we must not get caught up in the politics or the controversies that some hope will distract from the heart of the movement."

Former Bush White House communications director Nicolle Wallace, who also worked on the McCain campaign, is publishing a novel entitled "Eighteen Acres," which follows a fictional female U.S. president.