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More midterms: Let me get my Coat(s)

The Hotline points out the good -- and bad -- news for Democrats in fourth-quarter fundraising reports, which showed even vulnerable incumbents like Blanche Lincoln (AR) Barbara Boxer (CA) and Harry Reid (NV) raking in the cash: "Despite the unfavorable climate, [Democratic] incumbents showed no signs of losing steam (though challengers were more of a mixed bag). The bad news: the fundraising took place pre-MA SEN and pre-health care reform meltdown." 

INDIANA: "Former Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.), who preceded Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), will challenge successor."

KENTUCKY: "Money is getting scarce in Kentucky, where three top candidates [each] turned in fourth quarter reports with less than $500,000 raised," The Hill reports. "Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson's (R) $446,000 report would have been more disappointing, had it not been for the meager quarters eventually turned in by the two top Democrats in the race -- state Attorney General Jack Conway and Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo. Conway ($333,000) and Mongiardo ($225,000) both raised less than half of their third quarter totals." Grayson is being outspent by primary opponent Rand Paul, who raised $650,000 in the fourth quarter although Grayson has a slight cash-on-hand advantage, with $1.4 million to Paul's $1.3 million. 

NEVADA: Former state senator and GOP chairwoman Sue Lowden is up with her first campaign ad against Senator Harry Reid (D). Per Talking Points Memo, "the ad does not ever mention Reid, [but] instead focuses on Lowden herself, in order to introduce her to the electorate in her Republican primary against former UNLV basketball player Danny Tarkanian and former state Rep. Sharron Angle." 

VIRGINIA: "The NRCC apparently sent a release to Virginia Beach suggesting New Mexicans, rather than Virginians, have had quite about enough of freshman Rep. Glenn Nye (D-Va.)," The Hill reports. "It's not yet clear what Nye has done to offend voters in the Southwest." From the press release: "If New Mexico taxpayers thought they had seen the worst of Glenn Nye's fiscal recklessness, today's White House budget proposal makes it clear that the worst could be yet to come."