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Collins keeps up criticism

From NBC's Chuck Todd and Domenico Montanaro
We mentioned in First Thoughts Sen. Susan Collins' criticism of how the Obama administration has handled the alleged, so-calledChristmas Day bomber, Abdulmutallab.

In light of NBC's Pete Williams' reporting on the information the administration has been getting out of questioning Abdulmutallab, Collins' office sent along an updated statement:

"I remain concerned that there was no consultation with intelligence officials before the Department of Justice unilaterally decided to treat Abdulmutallab as if he were an ordinary criminal. If Abdulmutallab is now talking in the context of plea negotiations, that is, of course, welcome, but it implies that the government is willing to grant him a measure of leniency for the information he is willing to provide. We will never know whether the quality and quantity of information might have been superior had he not been given a lawyer who is now guiding him on what to reveal and what not to disclose. The lack of coordination on the front end and the inexplicable, reflexive choice to use a law enforcement approach were dangerous decisions."