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The debate over KSM trial

From NBC's David Gregory
NBC's Pete Williams reports this morning that the Justice Department will almost certainly move the trial of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed from New York City.

The decision to give him legal standing in our civilian courts as well as security concerns about a trial in lower Manhattan made it a controversial call from the start.

Now New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has changed his position, saying the trial would hurt business. He suggests a military base.

The president has told people he prefers a civilian trial because terrorists would use the result of a military commission as a recruiting tool. Would it be any more of a tool than a conviction in a civilian court where KSM could spew his venom for everyone to see?

Furthermore, while proponents of a trial in NY say it would showcase the best legal system in the world, the reality is that even if KSM were to be acquitted, the U.S. has no intention of letting him go. It's a serious debate.

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