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More SOTU thoughts

From NBC's David Gregory
A State of the Union address is like the start of a campaign. The President charts a new course and then hits the trail to sell it. So it is President Obama who will is hitting the road today to sell aspects of his long-term economic fix by promoting new spending on a high-speed rail. But campaigns are long hauls. And chapter two of the Obama presidency will be no different. He has told people not to expect any immediate turn around from last night's address. Ultimately, he has said, the administration has to deliver results for the American people.

A few thoughts from last night:

Singular focusĀ -- It's now about the economy. That means a jobs bill, making Wall St pay for its abuses and rebuilding the long-term structure of the economy. Even if the jobless rate doesn't fall by that much, the President has to show some concerted effort or else November is going to be bloody.

Off the sidelinesĀ -- yes, the President threw the GOP some bones, but mostly he issued a tough warning: play or PAY. If it requires 60 votes in the Senate to get ANYTHING done, you will be held accountable to results.

PassionĀ -- "I don't quit!" Americans like their presidents to be fighters and the President is trying to position himself as the change agent that propelled him to the White House.

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