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Questions about tonight's speech

From NBC's David Gregory
As I gear up for tonight's coverage of the State of the Union address -- I'll join Brian Williams for the speech at 9:00 pm ET. -- here's my preview of what the stakes are for the president from TODAY this AM. More analysis from Morning Joe. And here are some things I'm reading this morning.

I have been invited to join a group of journalists for lunch with the president. I will be curious to know how Obama intends to account for the difficulty of his first year and the message voters sent in Massachusetts.

The other question is health care. An adviser I spoke to last night insisted that, while health care is a priority, they want to get a jobs bill through Congress first. It says something about the public's priorities. Here is what our new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows about the mood of the country.

Finally, what about bipartisanship? Look for the president to call out Republicans who have been "rooting for failure," as one White House insider says. He will likely call on them to get off the sidelines. What will he offer that they can support? Isn't it also interesting that the GOP has chosen a moderate governor to give the Republican response -- not a tea party activist? Is Bob McDonnell the model for the GOP of the future?

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