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GOP watch: This tea isn't for free...

Channeling First Read, the New York Times writes about the criticism that next month's Tea Party Nation convention is receiving -- over the group's "for-profit" designation, as well as the fact that convention-goers are being charged $549 per ticket.

"Although the chamber's Republicans are bracing for another year of acting as a legislative firewall between a Democratic Congress and the president's desk, they have decided they must also focus on a positive agenda as the midterm elections approach," Roll Call says. "'Now it's about giving people not only a reason to vote against the Democrats, but a reason to vote for Republicans, like Scott Brown did in Massachusetts,' a senior Republican Senate aide said Monday."

"Republicans are mounting a new effort to call Democrats hypocrites for raising populist ire at banks while continuing to accept millions of dollars in campaign money from them," The Hill writes. "House Republicans in particular argue President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats are fighting a 'phony war on Wall Street' with their renewed efforts to rein in big banks. 'The White House and congressional Democrats ARE Wall Street,' said a recent statement from House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) that referred to the campaign contributions Democrats received from the financial industry."