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From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Remember the guy who posed as a pimp and took all those undercover videos of ACORN workers?

Well, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports: "Alleging a plot to wiretap Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu's office in the Hale Boggs Federal Building in downtown New Orleans, the FBI arrested four people Monday, including James O'Keefe, a conservative filmmaker whose undercover videos at ACORN field offices severely damaged the advocacy group's credibility."

Three others were arrested, and "all four were charged with entering federal property under false pretenses with the intent of committing a felony."

And it was dress-up time again: "FBI Special Agent Steven Rayes alleges that O'Keefe aided and abetted two others, Joseph Basel and Robert Flanagan, who dressed up as employees of a telephone company and attempted to interfere with the office's telephone system."

Not only that but the guy had been "hailed as a conservative hero" for his role in taking down ACORN before a speech to Libertarian Pelican Institute in New Orleans, the Times-Picayune reports.

AP notes that Landrieu had "been in the news recently because she negotiated an increase in Medicaid funds for her state before announcing her support for Senate health care legislation.