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Obama agenda: Previewing the SOTU

The New York Times: "President Obama will propose in his State of the Union address a package of modest initiatives intended to help middle-class families, including tax credits for child care, caps on some student loan payments and a requirement that companies let workers save automatically for retirement, senior administration officials said Sunday."

The AP says that he will discuss these proposals today at 11:25 am ET.

The Boston Globe: "Administration officials said yesterday that President Obama would emphasize economic issues in his State of the Union speech on Wednesday but that he would also continue pressing Congress to complete its yearlong effort to enact health care legislation."

One of us outlined five things to watch for in the address.

Meanwhile, after the loss in Massachusetts, the White House says it's not caving on health reform. "The White House isn't about to pull the plug on heath care reform, aides said Sunday, although they acknowledged their job now is determining 'the art of the possible.' More: "The White House is nervous enough about fallout from the economy that Obama has tapped David Plouffe, who managed his campaign, to ride shotgun on the November midterm congressional elections. And while Plouffe has gained a job, Axelrod insisted no one in the White House would be canned over the Massachusetts loss. 'Washington loves a 'When are we going to throw a body out?' story,' Axelrod said. 'That's not how we roll.'"

President Obama reacted to the Supreme Court decision in his weekly address: "This ruling opens the floodgates for an unlimited amount of special interest money into our democracy. It gives the special interest lobbyists new leverage to spend millions on advertising to persuade elected officials to vote their way -- or to punish those who don't… I can't think of anything more devastating to the public interest. The last thing we need to do is hand more influence to the lobbyists in Washington or more power to the special interests to tip the outcome of elections."

The Washington Post front-pages that Obama is the first truly wired president -- "the first to have Internet access at his desk and to converse regularly via e-mail. This fingertip access sends him 'constantly' online, said one senior adviser, and the information he finds there influences his thinking and some of his deliberations. He also 'uses the Internet like a normal adult,' said another aide, 'reading news articles, checking sports scores.'"

And President Obama was summoned for jury duty in Illinois. He's skipping it.