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McCain again protects his right flank

From NBC's Mark Murray
Arizona Sen. John McCain (R), the Republican Party's 2008 presidential nominee, has announced that he will oppose Ben Bernanke's confirmation for another term as Fed chairman.

"Our country is still facing an economic crisis and while I appreciate the service that Chairman Bernanke has performed as Federal Reserve chairman, I believe that he must be held accountable for many of the decisions that contributed to our financial meltdown," he said in a statement. 

McCain's opposition to Bernanke's is just the latest maneuver McCain has made to protect his right flank -- given the primary challenge he's receiving.

Just last week, he issued a fairly muted response -- by McCain standards -- to the Supreme Court decision striking down a key provision of the campaign finance-law that's named after him. ("I am disappointed by the decision of the Supreme Court and the lifting of the limits on corporate and union contributions," he said.)

Also, as Congress begins working on immigration reform, McCain has been almost silent on this issue, despite his past advocacy for comprehensive immigration reform.

And now comes his opposition to Bernanke.