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GOP: Mr. Brown comes to Washington

The Boston Globe captures the scene with Brown in Washington yesterday: "Senator-elect Scott Brown arrived in the nation's capital yesterday to a reception fit for a celebrity, greeted by spontaneous applause in the marble hallways of the Russell Senate Office building, invited to a spaghetti lunch with Senate Republicans, and smothered by reporters."
And he sure likes retail politics... "He shook hands with nearly everyone he saw, including Capitol police officers ('Hey, how are you?' he said to one, extending his hand. 'I'm Scott.') 'You play hoops?' Brown said to a tall man in the hallway. (He did). At one point, he crossed paths with a school group from Kentucky and happily paused to pose for another picture. 'What are you doing here?' Brown asked the students. 'Just hanging?'"  
"Massachusetts Senator-elect Scott Brown, whose election was heralded as a possible death knell for the Democrats' health care overhaul, said Thursday he was 'open' to voting for a reform bill -- just not the ones currently before Congress," The New York Post writes. He voted for it in Massachusetts. Brown added, "I'm certainly not in favor of higher taxes and cutting Medicare half a trillion." 
"Brown (R-Mass.) wrapped up a visit to Washington on Thursday by naming Armed Services, Homeland Security and Appropriations as the committees on which he'd like to serve," The Hill writes. 
And for now, it's all Mr. Nice Guy... "Brown, who expects to be sworn in next week, said he's received a warm welcome from senators across the aisle, including Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). 'We had a nice talk, we cracked a few jokes,' Brown said of his chat with Reid. 'The reception I've received from the folks on the other side, the Democrats on the other side and the delegation especially has been extremely gratifying,' Brown added. 'I really appreciate their efforts to reach out.'"  
(And here's a lead -- dateline Amherst, MA -- that will make conservatives snicker: "They filed in and out of coffeehouses, all but crying in their cappuccinos, barely touching their carrot cake muffins, still in shock that Scott Brown - a Republican! - had been elected to the US Senate in the state that pioneered universal health care, legalized same-sex marriage, and normally sends 12 Democrats to Congress.")
Eric Cantor took a shot at RNC Chairman Michael Steele for holding the RNC Winter Meeting in Hawaii: "Chairman Steele has a role to play in these elections," Cantor began. "Obviously, I have said that I disagree with his statement that we can't take back the House. So, do I want voters to think that Republicans do nothing but go to beach resorts in January? No." The RNC Winter Meeting begins in Honolulu starting Monday and continuing through Wednesday.