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Security back-and-forth continues

From NBC's Mark Murray
Here are the latest examples of how the failed Christmas Day terrorist plot has become a political football between Republicans and Democrats.

One, the National Republican Congressional Committee has issued press releases asking 11 targeted House Democrats -- including Reps. Mary Jo Kilroy of Ohio and Eric Massa of New York -- whether they agree with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's comment over the weekend that "the system worked." (Napolitano admitted a day later that the system did not work.)

"Will Mary Jo Kilroy finally demand answers from  Secretary Napolitano, or will she continue to silently endorse her alarming statement that 'the system worked' in the face of building evidence that the administration is unable to confront serious threats against the American people?"

Two, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid now becomes the highest-profile Democrat to accuse Republicans of playing politics with national security by placing a hold on President Obama's pick to head the Transportation Security Administration. "Despite his qualifications and being reported out by two Senate committees earlier this year, Republicans have decided to play politics with this nomination by blocking final confirmation," Reid said in a statement. "Not only is this a failed strategy, but a dangerous one as well with serious potential consequences for our country."