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Today's vote and next year's midterms

From NBC's Mark Murray
Both Republicans and Democrats are trying to capitalize politically on this morning's vote. The National Republican Senatorial Committee issued press releases targeting Democratic Sens. Michael Bennet (CO), Harry Reid (NV), Blanche Lincoln (AR), Arlen Specter (PA), Kirsten Gillibrand (NY), Chris Dodd (CT), Evan Bayh (IN), and Barbara Boxer -- all up for election next year.

Sample NRSC release:

"Thanks to Michael Bennet's vote, the U.S. Senate passed a costly government-run health care bill today that will be paid for by Colorado families, seniors, and small businesses that are already struggling to make ends meet.
"On multiple occasions, Senator Bennet could have stopped this legislation by saying 'no' to President Obama and Harry Reid. But instead, Bennet voted to pass a bill that cuts Medicare for Colorado seniors, allows for taxpayer-funded abortions in America, and breaks President Obama's campaign pledge that no one earning under $250,000 would see a tax increase under his Administration.
"There's no doubt that Senator Bennet will be forced to explain his DC wheeling and dealing for this contentious and costly health care legislation if he makes it to the General Election in 2010."


Meanwhile, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee issued this release targeting GOP senators up for re-election next year, including Richard Burr (NC) and David Vitter (LA).

Sample DSCC release:

This morning, Senator Richard Burr voted to deny needed health care reforms that would benefit North Carolinians. Burr joined with his Republican colleagues in voting against the historic and landmark Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, but despite Burr's attempts at obstruction, Democrats succeeded in passing the bill out of the Senate. The bill will now go to conference committee, where final details of the bill will be worked out with member of the House of Representatives. The bill will then go back to each chamber and upon passage, will go to the President's desk for final signage. After voting against granting 1.7 million North Carolinians access to health insurance, will Burr make repealing health care reform a campaign promise?
"With this morning's vote, Richard Burr affirmed his role as a shill for the insurance companies," said Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Communications Director Eric Schultz. "Today's vote was historic and Richard Burr will find himself on the wrong side of history. Once this bill is signed into law, Richard Burr will have to look North Carolinians in the eye and pledge to repeal health care reform which will have afforded coverage to 1.7 million North Carolinians, brought down costs for families and small businesses, ended appalling insurance practices, and lowered the deficit. That is not a winning argument."