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No babies, now that's an order!

From NBC's Jim Miklaszewski
The Commanding General of U.S. military forces in Northern Iraq has issued new orders banning pregnancy among military forces in his command.

Army Maj. Gen. Anthony Cucolo ordered that anyone who becomes pregnant or impregnates another servicemember could face punishment up to and including possible court martial and jail time. That includes married couples who may be deployed together.

Military officials say the order was issued because Army policy requires a pregnant soldier to be removed from the war zone in Iraq withint 14 days of
learning they are pregnant ... and that removing the pregnant soldier leaves a hole in the unit that makes it more difficult to complete the mission.

Col. David Thompson, the Army Inspector General for all military forces in Iraq, calls it "a lawful order."

There are no reported cases where a pregnant woman or a baby's father has been disciplined for disobeying the order which went into effect Nov. 4, 2009.

The story was first reported today by the Army newspaper, Stars and Stripes.