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2010: Can the GOP win in MA?

The Hill lists vulnerable lawmakers on both sides of the aisle whose electoral fates may in part already be decided by their support for the highly unpopular $700 billion bank bailout plan: Sens. Bob Bennett (R-UT), Harry Reid (D-NV), Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Blanche Lincoln (D-AK) are among those incumbents that The Hill predicts "should expect a heavy dose of bailout-based criticism." And "the issue is more likely to affect Republican incumbents seeking other jobs, including governor and the Senate," like Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (TX) and Reps. Roy Blunt (MO), Mark Kirk (IL) and Mike Castle (D). 
CONNECTICUT: Republican Linda McMahon's campaign is touting Obama's message that will run soon as evidence that "WWE is broadly recognized as a company that for years has made tremendous contributions to the community, to the state of Connecticut and to men and women in uniform," the Hartford Courant writes. McMahon's husband Vince is the founder and she was CEO. But the "White House is saying not so fast. Obama did not tape a greeting to be aired exclusively on the wrestling program, a White House spokeswoman said Wednesday night. Instead, the president taped a general greeting that was made available to multiple outlets who wanted to air it." 
ILLINOIS: In a debate among the four Democratic candidates for President Barack Obama's old Senate seat, "Cheryle Jackson and Jacob Meister spent much of the 70 minute debate looking on as [Alexi] Giannoulias, the state's first-term treasurer, and [David] Hoffman, Chicago's former inspector general, sniped over their records and how they would stand up to special interests if they were elected." Giannoulias labeled Hoffman a hypocrite for funding his campaign through personal investments in institutions that received help from the federal bailout, while Hoffman retaliated by saying that Giannoulias' experience mostly involves helping run a now-unsuccessful family bank. 
MASSACHUSETTS: "On paper, the special U.S. Senate election next month should be another walkover for the Democrats," the Boston Globe writes. "Yet the race for the seat of the late Edward M. Kennedy will play out not on paper, but in a noxious political environment, providing a rare glint of hope for the state's undermanned Republicans." 
NEW HAMPSHIRE: U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte (R) was feted in Washington last night at a fundraiser sponsored by AT&T's political action committee and a lobbyist from CTIA, a wireless telecommunications industry lobbying firm, the New Hampshire Union Leader says. 
NEVADA: Danny Tarkanian, one of the Republican challengers to Harry Reid for the Majority Leader's seat, has raised more money in Fresno -- the city where his father coached the college basketball team -- than any other city besides his hometown of Las Vegas, the Miami Herald reports.