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GOP Watch: Double-O Palin

— The gossip site TMZ got its hands on a photo of Sarah Palin wearing a McCain hat with the logo blacked out. But NBC's Andrea Mitchell reports that someone close to Sarah Palin says she loves John McCain and had no idea that an attempt to preserve her -- and her kids' -- privacy while on vacation in Hawaii would lead to an incorrect conclusion by TMZ. Palin told her friend that she blacked out McCain's name with a magic marker on a leftover campaign sun visor in the hopes that the paparazzi would not recognize her -- so she could be left alone. TMZ interpreted the "blackout" as meaning Palin had had a falling out with McCain. That was an incorrect interpretation, the friend says. Says Palin, according to her pal, "I love John McCain. So much for incognito." 
But seriously, wouldn't you just buy/wear another hat?
Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty paid a visit to major primary state New Hampshire yesterday, telling the New Hampshire Union Leader there that "he will not endorse or have his PAC contribute to the campaigns of any candidates for the U.S. Senate or House who are competing in "open, transparent" primary campaigns," the Union-Leader reports (h/t The Hill).