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House ready to get out of Dodge

From NBC's Luke Russert
While the Senate seems to be moving at a snail's pace, the House is moving with breakneck speed.

Just now, the Continuing Resolution, known around here as a CR, the bill that approves the funding to keep the U.S. Government operational, passed via voice vote. In the House, voice votes are permitted to occur but almost every time a member requests a roll call vote.

So what is arguably the most important thing the House does, approve the funding for the government, passed via voice vote.

Usually the minority party offers some point of contention regarding the CR, this shows how much Republicans are ready to leave Washington and get back to their home districts.

*** UPDATE *** A GOP aide e-mailed First Read to emphasize that Republicans are more than willing to stay in Washington and work on the issues facing the country. Today the GOP Leadership held a morning press conference addressing Republican solutions for energy independence and healthcare reform. In the afternoon, Rep. Eric Cantor touted the party's ideas to stimulate the economy and claimed that the Democratic legislative accomplishments of 2009, including healthcare reform and climate change legislation, amounted to a "job killing agenda."

Rep. Mike Pence asserted that Democrats were more than happy to leave Washington while not completing work on pressing issues: "What we see is Democrats in Washington D.C. are gettin while the gettin's good. Getting out of town by refusing to make the hard choices necessary to protect our country with a meaningful extension of the Patriot Act or to make the hard choices to put our fiscal house in order without expanding the national debt on even a short-term basis by hundreds of billions of dollars."