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GOP watch: Liz Cheney fires back

Liz Cheney hit Obama on FOX over the weekend for his Nobel speech, calling it "shameful," and "slandering" the CIA. "There were certainly parts of his speech with which I wholeheartedly agree. And I think it was really good frankly to have the president finally enunciate some of these things, talk about the insufficiency of engagement with respect to dealing with terror, or dealing with enemies; talk about the importance of America supporting democracy around the world, and also talk about the role that America has played, particularly in post World War II Europe. I think the key now will be whether the policies follow that. And I certainly hope that they do.
"But we still had in this speech, you know, it is almost like it has become reflexive, this notion that America abandoned its ideals after 9/11. And I think that as we see this president repeatedly go on foreign soil, and accuse America of having tortured people, talk about Guantanamo Bay as an abandonment of our ideals, you know, that part of the speech to me really is nothing short of shameful. And it is not just an attack on political opponents. It really is casting dispersions and, I would say, slandering the men and women in the CIA who carried out key programs to keep us safe and the people frankly right now at Guantanamo Bay who are guarding some of the worst terrorists. So I think that part of the speech represents something I hope the president will stop soon."

RNC Chairman Michael Steele holds a press conference on health care at 1:00 pm ET.