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McCain becomes Obama's chief critic

From NBC's Mark Murray
Politico's Jonathan Martin has an excellent piece on how John McCain has turned into President Obama's "critic-in-chief," despite all of Obama's efforts to reach out to him after the election.

"For years, McCain relished being an outsider and a maverick, a style that often led to battles with his own party's leadership. Today, for reasons that friends and McCain observers say could range from unresolved anger to concern for his right flank as he seeks re-election to genuine dismay about Obama's agenda, he is helping lead a fiery crusade of GOP loyalists against Democratic priorities - and irked some of his Democratic colleagues in the process."

TPM's Christina Bellantoni writes a similar story that focuses on McCain's opposition to the health-care bill. "McCain is no stranger to the Senate floor but this is the most prominent role he's played on a non-Armed Services issue in years, since the immigration debates. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) designated McCain as the front man for the leader's amendment in the first major debate for the biggest piece of legislation the chamber has seen this year."