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The left courts Lincoln challenger

From NBC's Mark Murray
While much of the focus on the 2010 primaries has been on the GOP side -- in Florida, Texas, Utah -- this story, via Greg Sargent, is a reminder that Democrats could have their own contentious primaries to deal with, beyond the Specter-vs.-Sestak race in Pennsylvania.

In a step in that direction, Arkansas Lieutenant Governor Bill Halter, who's widely rumored to be mulling a challenge to [Blanche] Lincoln, came to Washington D.C. to huddle with a group of labor officials and liberal bloggers to discuss possibly making the race, two sources who were there tell me.

The gathering was held at the D.C. home of blogger Jane Hamsher, whose group Accountability Now encourages primary challenges. Reached by phone, Hamsher confirmed the gathering, but declined further comment.

It's unclear how serious Halter is about the challenge, but the fact that he's meeting with labor officials and bloggers to discuss the possibility is significant. Halter didn't tell the assembled that he would make the race, but he made it clear he was seriously considering it, the sources said.

Establishment Democrats in D.C. don't think Halter will wind up challenging Lincoln. But it's clear some of the left would like to defeat her -- just like those on the right wanting to knock off Charlie Crist in Florida.