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Progressives give deal a thumbs down

From NBC's Mark Murray
Some on the left aren't too pleased with the details from last night's Senate deal on health care.

The reason: It doesn't include a public option.

"Senate Democrats have just announced a tentative health care deal that doesn't appear to include a real public health insurance option," MoveOn says in an email to its members. "Instead of pulling out all the stops, they've bargained away the heart of health care reform-allowing conservative senators like Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson to hold the process hostage and protect Big Insurance."

The email continues, "[T]o win, we've got to send a powerful message to congressional Democrats and President Obama that we won't accept this deal. Instead of giving up on the public option, they ought to show real leadership and ratchet up the pressure on Lieberman and any Democratic senators who are threatening to filibuster."

Another liberal group, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, has issued a similar plea to its members, urging them to petition four progressive senators who have championed the public option (Russ Feingold, Roland Burris, Bernie Sanders, and Sherrod Brown) and to press for reconciliation.

"The Senate has the right to pass a bill with 51 votes -- but to avoid offending Republicans, Democrats haven't used it. That's just weak," the PCCC says. "Instead of daring Republicans and conservative Democrats to oppose a hugely-popular public option on the Senate floor, Sen. Harry Reid is now embracing the unpopular 'trigger.'"