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Dems tout another CBO report

From NBC's Mark Murray
Earlier today, we noted how a Congressional Budget Office report gave the Obama White House and Senate Democrats a shot in the arm in the health-care debate. Most Americans, the CBO said, would see their premiums either decrease or stay the same under the Senate health-care bill.

Now comes another CBO report showing that the stimulus created between 600,000 and 1.6 million jobs -- and boosted economic growth -- in the 3rd quarter.

The report was certainly welcome news for a White House that has hasn't been faring well in the P.R. war over the stimulus. Said Vice President Biden in a statement:

This new report from the Congressional Budget Office is further evidence of what private forecasters and government economists have been saying: the Recovery Act is already responsible for more than 1 million jobs nationwide.  From independent economists to Congress's own nonpartisan research body, the experts have spoken and the debate is no longer whether the Recovery Act is creating and saving jobs, but how we provide even more opportunities to drive growth and support American workers.