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Obama agenda: The seven narratives

This Politico story about various anti-Obama narratives that are forming may drive the administration and its supporters nuts. But it does expose a problem the administration has had these last four months: an inability to set their OWN narrative. The campaign discipline is gone, and there isn't single overarching storyline that explains the Obama presidency. Maybe that sounds simplistic, but it also explains why he's struggled politically lately. 

The Wall Street Journal: "The Obama administration and U.S. business leaders will meet at the White House this week to ponder ways to boost employment. Their ideas, though, don't overlap much. Businesses of all sizes are brimming with proposals they say would spur economic growth. The most commonly voiced are tax cuts and boosting access to credit. The White House, for its part, wants to discuss job growth in the clean-tech sector and shifting some stimulus spending to infrastructure projects. Obama aides are also eyeing a limited range of incentives for small businesses to create jobs."

More: "A 10.2% jobless rate, the worst since 1982, is emerging as the administration's biggest domestic challenge, a threat to the weak economic recovery and Democrats' hold on Congress. But many of the nostrums floated by business would increase spending or reduce tax receipts, unpalatable moves for the White House as the nation's huge deficit becomes a political liability."

The Obama family spent the weekend watching some college hoops at George Washington University in DC. The game was against Oregon State, whose coach is Michelle Obama's brother, Craig Robinson.