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Practically, a purity test problem

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
The New York Times' Nagourney makes a good point about why that GOP purity test might be a bad idea -- for those who care about winning -- for the party.

He takes a look at how it would affect, for example, moderate congressman Mike Castle, who is Republicans' best chance at winning Vice President Joe Biden's former Senate seat in Delaware:

Mr. Castle in many ways is a text-book example of why some Republicans think the party should avoid such purity tests. He appears to be, without dispute, the strongest candidate that the party could win to take back the seat.

But in the course of his career, he has taken positions on abortion, energy and gun control that could, at least in theory, lead Republicans to argue that he has failed the test laid out in the resolution. If that were the case, the Republican National Committee might have to sit-out a Castle-Biden race.