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2010 update: Musical chairs in CT

From NBC's Ali Weinberg
Local pollster and analyst Floyd Ciruli tells Human Events that the state's Republican Party "has unified at a very early stage" of the 2010 campaigns. Two GOP gubernatorial contendors, Josh Penry and Tom Tancredo, declined to run and have endorsed former Rep. Scott McInnis. And yesterday, the state party unveiled "a conservative set of principles aimed at boosting the party's prospects in 2010 just as the Contract with America did for House Republicans in 1994." 
Connecticut's musical chairs game continues, the Hartford Courant says. The latest to switch races is Sam Caligiuri, who was until this afternoon running for the Republican Senate nomination. He'll now be campaigning for the state's 5th Congressional seat. In a statement, Caligiuri wrote: "I have been joined in that race by other Republican candidates for whom I have come to have a great deal of respect, and who I have concluded are in a better position than I am to defeat Senator Dodd." 
According to Chris Cilizza, another Connecticut Republican running for the Senate -- former Ambassador Tom Foley -- issued a statement "making clear" that he may switch from the Senate to the gubernatorial race. "I have had a number of conversations with people who are encouraging me to consider running for Governor because they believe I could better serve Connecticut today as Governor than as a Senator," he said, adding that he will make an announcement on his plans next week." 
KENTUCKY: Having "cleared the $2 million fundraising marker," Attorney General Jack Conway holds more than a two to one cash advantage over his primary opponent, Lt. Gov. Dan Mongiardo, Conway's camp announced today.

***UPDATE*** The press release linked to above was originally published on October 15th. The following week, on October 26th, campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission show that while Conway leads Mongiardo overall, with a total net amount of $546,241 to Mongiardo's $514,404, Mongiardo raised almost $83,000 more from Kentucky contributors than Conway. Citing his "strength among grassroots primary voters," Mongiardo spokesman Kim Geveden said Mongiardo has also raised almost four times as much as Conway from small dollar contributors, who give less than $200.