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Whining over whining

From NBC's Domenico Montanaro
Rep. Emanuel Cleaver's legislation to dub the day before Thanksgiving "Complaint-Free Wednesday" has flown largely under the radar.

But as the L.A. Times reports this morning, the Missouri Democrat has heard lots of complaining for trying to curb complaining.

"Now, this is a Congress that has given us National Ice Cream Month and found time to praise the plumbing industry," The Times writes. "Surely, then, the notion that on Thanksgiving eve, people might stop whining for just a day, take stock and give thanks would not seem to be a threat to the republic."


"I thought dissent and complaining were patriotic," thundered one reader after some conservative websites printed Cleaver's "Dear Colleague" letter.

"I thought DC had gotten as stupid as they could get and I was wrong," groused another.

Cleaver said that some calls to his office from overwrought respondents went something like this: "I want you to show me where in the Bible it says I shouldn't complain. I haven't seen anything where Jesus asked us not to complain."

(Maybe not Jesus, Cleaver said, but Paul came pretty close in Philippians 4:8.) ...

Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo.) had offered the same legislation last year but with none of the accompanying political fireworks.

It's another sign of just how partisan our politics have become, where people can't think or speak rationally about almost anything, including, but clearly not limited to, hot-button issues.

I'm not complaining, I'm just sayin'...