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Michelle Obama on mentoring

From NBC's Wendy Jones
Introduced by the First Lady of Colorado (Jeannie Ritter), Michelle Obama addressed a group of young women at a luncheon in Denver, part of the White House initiatve on mentoring.

In her opening remarks, Ritter told her audience that "as young women you also have to be ready to accept that mentoring ... and you have to have done some interior work about what your strengths are."

Obama noted that there were many successful women in the room -- cabinet secretaries, CEOs, a former ambassador, an astronaut. But, she cautioned, "They didn't get to this stage because of some magic." Like her, some came from modest backgrounds. All worked hard.

Said the First Lady: "We've all found someone who told us we were not good enough .... We've all failed, all made mistakes ... but we did not let those mistakes shatter us .... That is what you can learn from the women in this room .... Everything you need to be successful you own."

And she urged them to start mentoring now, like she encouraged her older daughter with respect to her sister.

"I want each of you to think about how you are going to give back ... whether you are a scientist or a teacher (or the governor or the president) whatever your goals are...we ask that you remember this day and think about who you are going to bring with you."