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Sarah Palin's rough year

From NBC's Mark Murray
Here's a piece one of us wrote on MSNBC.com about Sarah Palin's rough year since last November's presidential contest, and whether or not she can make a political comeback.

Despite all the money and attention former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's autobiography is expected to draw as it hits bookshelves this week, it's difficult to think of a national political figure who's had a rougher year than the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee.

Consider President Barack Obama with the ups and downs in his first year in office. Or Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who's facing a tough re-election bid and the difficult task of getting 60 votes to pass health care through his chamber. And don't forget the leaders of the Republican party who are out of power and have seen the GOP's poll numbers decline.

But from the moment the 2008 campaign ended until her surprising resignation as Alaska governor in July, Palin has endured political setbacks, suffered through embarrassing revelations, became the subject of ethics complaints (most of which were dismissed), and even feuded with a late-night comedian and the father of her grandchild.

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